William Byrd Primary Academy

School Dinners

We are excited to announce Dolce as our new school catering provider from September 2021.

Following a selection process, which the school is obliged to follow every few years, the school was really excited and impressed by the school dinner offer Dolce will provide for our children.

Our aim is to ensure as many children as possible at William Byrd receive a tasty, fresh healthy meal and these values are shared with our new provider Dolce.

Dolce cook fresh from raw ingredients to ensure pupils get a nutrient-rich and tasty lunch experience. The menus are developed by the Dolce team of chefs in conjunction with the school and they are nutritionally analysed to ensure they surpass school food standards whilst achieving the highest possible level of uptake for school dinners.

Please click on the link below to see the Autumn Term menu:

Dolce‘ use a computerised ordering and payment system to ensure our children receive the meals they want and it provides a cashless system for parents. If you would like your child to have school meals, you will need a SchoolGrid account. If you have not already received an email from SchoolGrid then contact the school office and provide them with your email address to activate an account. You will then receive an email from SchoolGrid with all of your necessary login details. By accessing SchoolGrid online, you will be able to pre-order meals, view recipes, allergens, ingredients and make payments.

Pupils in Reception to Year 2 are entitled to free school meals daily under the UIFSM scheme.  This will automatically be set up on your account as free, you will be able to use all other features as normal to select your child’s meals.  Children in Years 3 to 6, not entitled to free school meals, pay £2.15 per day for a lunch with dessert.  Payments are to be made online via the SchoolGrid website.

Free School Meals

To download a form to apply for free school meals please click on the link below.  Please note that all forms will need to be returned to the school office when filled in.