William Byrd Primary Academy

Our Staff

S E N I O R   L E A D E R S H I P   T E A M 
Head of School Mrs Roberts
Deputy Head Ms Edwards
Acting Deputy Head Ms White
(Year 2, 3, 4 & Inclusion)
Assistant Head Ms Fraher 
(Quality First Teaching & Year 5 & 6)
Assistant Head Mrs Gough
(Maternity Leave)
Associate Assistant Head/SENDCo Ms Hudson


C L A S S T E A C H I N G   S T A F F S U P P O R T   S T A F F Y G L
Nursery  Mrs Wegrzyn 
(Nursery Lead)
Mrs Ferreira
Mrs Terry
Mrs Roberts 
Mrs Houston

* Nursery Nurse
Mrs Ingram
Puffins Mrs Ingram
Penguins Ms Demenezes
Y E A R  1
Pelicans Ms Hilton Mrs Tomas
Ms Green
Ms Jankowska
Parrots Ms Jankowska
Peacocks Ms Cassel 
 Y E A R  2
2U Mrs Upal
(Maternity Leave)
Ms Silvester
Ms Swallow
Mrs Turner
Mrs Page
Mrs Upal
(Maternity Leave)
Ms Silvester
2S Ms Morgan
2P Ms Panesar


C L A S S T E A C H I N G   S T A F F S U P P O R T   S T A F F Y G L
Y E A R  3
3R Mrs Reel Ms Thanjal
Ms Mills
Mrs Reel
3HR Ms Randal/Ms Thanjal
3N Ms Naulls
Y E A R  4
4B Mrs Brown Ms Kelly
Mrs Golar
Mrs Brown
4P Ms Panesar
4J Ms James
 Y E A R  5
5O Ms O'Connell Mrs Virdee
Ms Stanmore
Ms O'Connell
5B Ms Beggs/Mrs Nechita
5S Ms Salt
 Y E A R  6
6C Ms Gordon Ms Varu
Mrs Shinhmar
Mrs Francois
Ms Egan
6G Ms Goudari
6E Ms Egan


S U P P O R T   S T A F F
Pastoral Manager & Safeguarding Lead Ms Darby
Learning Mentor Mrs West
Sports Lead Mr Baker
HLTA Mrs Nechita
HLTA Mrs Shaikh
Music  Ms Chambers
Inclusion LSA Ms Harvey
Inclusion LSA Mrs Fernandes
Inclusion LSA Ms Mercer
Interventions LSA Mrs Mohammed
Interventions LSA Ms Roberts
A D M I N S T A R T I V E   S T A F F
PA to Headteacher Ms Cotterill
Finance Manager Mrs Thomas
HR Officer  Mrs Quille
Office Administrator  Mrs Shiolou
Admissions Officer Mrs Sohal
Welfare Officer Ms Da Silva
Marketing Officer Mrs Iqbal
S I T E   S T A F F
Site Manager Mr Meredith
Caretaker Mr Wood
L U N C H T I M E   S T A F F
Ms Iman
Mrs Edwards
Ms Garcia
Ms Hubbard
Mrs James
Mrs Jeevakaran
Mrs Josan
Mrs Khaneja
Ms Mercer
Ms O'Connor
Ms Plaister
Mrs Shaheen
Mrs Woodbridge
Mrs Frost