Maths Challenge

Every month we will be posting a maths problem for you to solve on this page. You can drop off your answer to your class teacher or put it in the box in front of Miss Naulls' class. Alternatively you can email you answer to Miss Naulls using her class email address:

Make sure your name and class are clearly written on the page or email you submit. Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a draw for a special prize. Good luck!


Key Stage 1 

1. Sam has these bread rolls to sell.

He sells 14 of the bread rolls. How many does he have left?

2. Emma has 3 tins of paint.

Each tin contains 5 litres of paint. How many does he have left?

Key Stage 2

1. Mo and his four friends eat a meal. 

Mo pays £5.20

Each of his friends pay £3.80

How much did the meal cost in total?

2. What is the fraction of the shape is shaded?

3. A fish tank holds 30 litres of water.

The fish is 3/5 full.

How much water is needed to fill the tank?



Can you count the flowers in the garden? Or the number of cookies in a box?

Send your class teacher a photo or video of you doing counting at home!

Key Stage 1

Fred sells stamps.

On Monday he sold 25 stamps.

On Tuesday he sold 15 more stamps than he did on Monday.

How many stamps did he sell altogether?

Key Stage 2

Gino has 72 stickers.

Peter has 5 times as many stickers as Gino.

Holly has half as many stickers as Peter.

How many stickers do they have in total?