William Byrd Primary Academy

Curriculum Intent Statement

Inspiring Children through a Creative Curriculum

At William Byrd Primary Academy we help each child to achieve the very best. We believe that children should be inspired by what they are learning and understand how and why this is relevant to them and to their lives in the future. We believe that each child has an entitlement to a curriculum which is relevant and inspirational to their lives now and sets high aspirations for the future. Our curriculum is broad and balanced, whilst also enabling each child to develop mastery of the core skills to ensure success across the full range of subjects. This intent statement has been created in collaboration with children and staff.

We have the highest expectations and aspirations for our children. We do not put a ceiling on achievement and believe that the challenges faced by our children and families should not define them or limit these aspirations. This is reflected in our curriculum which incorporates these core values and beliefs, accounting for our local community context and ensuring equality of opportunity for all. A central part of this is our enriching after-school offer which is very much an integral part of our broad and balanced curriculum offer.

We believe that a personalised curriculum leading to excellent learning and outcomes represents the strongest possible care that we can offer and one which will make the greatest impact on our children’s future health and success.

The delivery of our curriculum is driven by our Five Guiding Powers, which are evident throughout the school day:
  • We are kind and respectful
  • We are resilient and learn from our mistakes
  • We are ready and prepared to learn
  • We cooperate and work together
  • We aspire to be the best we can be

As a school community, we live by these powers. Therefore, we aim to create a positive and secure environment in which children can be happy, safe, and successful. We place great emphasis on cooperation, support and consideration for others and plan this into our schemes of learning. Our membership of PiXL and adoption of many of its methodologies, along with our outward-looking cooperation with partner and Trust schools, reflects our values of collaboration, support, challenge and development of the whole child.

From the outset of a child’s school career in the Early Years Foundation Stage at William Byrd, our curriculum design strives to develop speech, language and communication skills. A number of our in-year admissions are children new to the UK with limited English and our principle of flexible curriculum design and implementation ensures equality of opportunity and enables the school to meet individual needs.

Furthermore, the school is keen to promote healthy lifestyles and choices. This is driven in part by the National Child Measurement statistics for our school which currently sees the percentage of overweight and obese children double from age 5 to age 11. Our curriculum reflects our commitment to encourage children to try a range of different sporting activities in lessons and after school as well as engage in activity-based learning outside of PE and Sports.