Challenge Partners

Who are Challenge Partners?

Challenge Partners is a national education charity, established and led by practitioners with a mission to reduce educational inequality and improve the life chances of all children. In-person Quality Assurance Reviews (QARs) have always been at the heart of the Network of Excellence, providing the challenge that is in the name. Professionally-led peer reviews focus on how approaches to curriculum, pedagogy and leadership benefit all learners, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with additional needs. It identifies and celebrates exceptional practice, helping each school to identify what they need to do to improve on their previous best.

Our Latest Review 2024

We are delighted to announce that our Early Years has been accredited as an Area of Excellence!

The title of our accreditation is: Championing child development - Achieving EYFS success within a multicultural community.

The reviewers said that EYFS is a strength of the school because of the wide-variety of experiences the children are given and how well the children are supported and encouraged to develop fundamental skills independently. They said children’s ability to communicate and explain their thinking is excellent and acknowledged that a lot of this is because of the comprehensive understanding of childhood development of the staff.

They were impressed with the learning environment; both indoor and outdoor environments. They loved the ‘real’ materials children were given to explore. Please ask if you’d like to see a copy of the whole report!

We're so pleased that our incredibly hard-working team has received this recognition and that the visitors felt we were supporting children in this community so well!