London Measles - Escalation to Level 3

Please have a look at your child’s vaccination status and make sure they are vaccinated

Measles cases are rising across London, with NW London consistently having the highest number of cases. The UK Health Security Agency has now escalated the whole of London to what they refer to as level 3 transmission for measles which means that their response is targeting only vulnerable contacts and only high-risk settings will be followed up.

Encouraging parents to use summer holidays when children are in open space, have less direct contact which reduces measles transmission resulting in fewer reported cases is a good opportunity for families; unvaccinated parents and children to get their MMR vaccination. The number of cases and outbreaks of measles has caused significant disruption, in schools, and in community settings, and resulted in avoidable illness. Please take a look at your child’s vaccination status, and if they are missioning their 1st of 2nd MMR vaccination to be proactive over the summer, contact your GP and get booked in to be vaccinated. MMR vaccination is safe, effective, and free; if you have had an MMR vaccination in the UK there is almost no risk of getting measles. There are no negative effects from vaccinating people who are already immune.

This is a short VIDEO that explains how vaccinations can reduce transmission in school settings.

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Thank you for your help with tackling measles in London.

Kelly O'Neill, Director of Public Health, Hounslow and Hillingdon