Message to William Byrd Children

Friday 5 March

Dear William Byrd Children

I wanted to write to you to say how excited we all are to be welcoming you back into school on Monday. I know that you will have missed being with your friends and teachers during these last few months.

I am so very proud of all of you for how hard you have been trying with your learning at home and I know that it has not always been easy. So many of you have been attending your live Zoom lessons as well and you have all lived up to our Guiding Powers brilliantly by showing you are Resilient, Curious and Ready to Learn.

The photos you have been sending in to school have been wonderful and I have loved seeing your beautifully presented work, your arty creations, your bakes and the things you have been getting up to in your free time.

I know that some of you might be feeling a little bit worried about coming back to school and that’s ok. Some of you might not be worried and might just be excited to be coming back, and that’s ok. And some of you might not be sure how you are feeling – and that’s ok too. It is really important that you talk to an adult if you are feeling worried about anything, we are all here for you at any time you need us.

Your teachers have been busy planning lots of lovely, fun activities to help you settle back in to school life. We will be spending more time being outside and learning and playing with your friends and teachers, as well as doing exciting creative activities in class. We even have a ‘fun and laughter’ day planned for Red Nose Day!

I can’t wait to see you all again in a few days. Remember to go to bed early on Sunday night so that you are bright and ready and on time for school on Monday morning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Roberts
Head of School