Message for William Byrd Children

Monday 11 January

I hope you are all keeping well and happy and you are enjoying your home learning. I know that you will be disappointed that you cannot come in to school but we all need to stay at home and stay safe for a while.

You might not be able to see your teachers in person at the moment but you will be able to see and hear them on the lessons they are busy recording for you to watch. They will also give you some work and activities to do and they will phone you often to talk to you and see how you are doing.

Your adults are doing an amazing job of helping you at home and your teachers would be very happy if you ask your adult to send your work to them when you have finished it.

If you would like to ask your adult to send us photos of you doing your work, trying new things or just having fun at home, we would love to see them and we will put them on the school website in our Newsroom page.

You might need to be a little bit brave for a few weeks as I know you will miss coming to school and seeing your friends and your teachers. But you are all wonderful little people and you are experts at following our guiding powers so I know you will be resilient and keep trying and working hard at home.  We are all incredibly proud of you, we miss you and we can’t wait to see you again when we are allowed to come back to school.

Mrs S Roberts
Head of School