Critical Worker Registration

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In order to suppress transmission of the virus, the government have asked our school to remain open only for children of critical workers and those deemed as vulnerable from  from Wednesday 6 January 9am–3pm. All other children are to remain at home and complete home learning as directed by their class teacher.

Please check the guidance carefully to see if you are eligible for a place: critical workers

If, after careful consideration of the criteria and your individual circumstances, you believe your child is eligible for a school place, please complete the form below. 

Please do not send your child in to school until we have contacted you to confirm your place.

Our aim is to help suppress the transmission of the new coronavirus variant so I would ask you to consider whether your child's attendance is absolutely necessary as the less people that are in school, the better and safer that will be. 

In school your child will be allocated a bubble which they will remain in for the duration of this provision. They will not necessarily be in their usual class or with their usual class teacher and there will be no mixing of bubbles. Pupils learning in school will follow the same curriculum as those learning at home. This will be a blend of video lessons from Oak Academy, our own teachers and our own learning tasks. This means all pupils will cover the same thing in school or at home.

Critical Worker Registration Form

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