William Byrd Primary Academy

William Byrd Reopening Information

For parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 ONLY

Friday 29 May


School will only be for children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 at this time and start dates will be confirmed to you when you have emailed and contacted the school.  If you have children in other year groups, we are afraid they cannot return at this stage.   It is NOT compulsory that parents send their children in. 

When the school reopens it will sadly be a very different place to what we are all used to, at least for this term. I want to explain broadly how things will work and to outline some of the measures the school is taking to reduce the risks for children, staff and parents. Despite all of the measures we are taking, I am unable to guarantee the safety of your child or family from infection or transmission of the virus. Based on the information in this letter you need to make a decision about whether you wish to send your children in.

It is important for you to note that parents and carers WILL NOT BE FINED if you do not send your children in. We cannot remove all risks. We can only do our best using the guidance given to keep risks as low as possible. Should you decide to keep your child at home, that is your right at this time and we will totally understand and respect your decision.

What changes will there be?

Please click here to see 'School Reopening - Frequently Asked Questions'

I know that staff are keen for children to return to school to be with their friends and to resume their learning and development. Although it has to be different to how it was we are determined to be as supportive and welcoming as we can so that children can be helped to quickly adjust to the new way of schooling.

As per Government guidance, in this first phase of wider reopening:

Children will not be taught in their full class. We will be splitting the children up into smaller groups of no more than 15 children. We cannot guarantee that these will be children from the same class. We cannot guarantee they will be in the same class as specific friends. We cannot guarantee that your child will be taught by their class teacher. The idea is that these groups are ‘protective bubbles’ with the same adult(s) with them throughout the day. We have been told to make sure that children and adults are not be mixing between the groups, especially at break and lunch times.

  • Children will start and finish school at different times to avoid congestion in the school grounds.
  • Classrooms are going to be set up for social distancing, so where possible there will be two metres between tables. This won’t always be possible, especially with young children in Nursery and Reception. Where possible, children will have to sit apart from their friends and peers on their own tables and not share toys, stationery and equipment.
  • We have been asked to remove all soft furnishings, toys and equipment which children might share.
  • School is being asked to regularly clean and disinfect surfaces and contact points.
  • School will only be open on Monday-Thursday. In addition to the daily cleaning routines we will be carrying out a thorough clean every Friday to maintain a safe environment.

When can my children return?

Plans are now in place for the first set of pupils.  We will look to add pupils to these groups or set up new groups as soon as we can, depending on how many new sign ups we get.  

If you wish to send your child in you must register first so we can plan properly.
We will then contact you to confirm start times and explain other arrangements.
Please do not just send your children in.

If you do not intend to send your child in to school, you need take no further action.
We will continue to provide home learning packs as we currently are.

Next steps:

1. Please contact the school via email stating your child's full name and class if you wish to send your child back to school.  

2. You will receive an email or telephone call to confirm start date/time and other details

​​​​​3. Please do not bring your child to school until you have received an email or phone call from the school

It is not an easy decision for parents to make at this time. However, I fully support whatever decision you make in terms of sending your child in because I know that you will be entirely guided by what you feel is safe and is best for you and your families.

Sarah Roberts
Head of School