Year 1 Visit Kew Gardens

On Thursday 9th May, Year 1 visited Kew Gardens. This term we are learning all about plants. So we went along to Kew Gardens to have a look at the different plants.

We had a session called 'Colours and Seasons' where we learnt about the different seasons and what happens in each season. As well as the different colours you could see at Kew.

We then looked at some drawings done by Monet and had the chance to draw some of the plants and flowers in front of us using his style of art. Then we had the opportunity to collect some of the petals from the ground to stick onto our picture. We created some fantastic drawings!

We also had the opportunity to look around Kew Gardens, we visited the Palm House, Princess of Wales Conservatory and the Treetop Walk to name a few. It was a fantastic day and the weather was wonderful. We cannot wait to use the knowledge we have gained to write about the four seasons.