Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme

On 28th June, a few of our children attended the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme in Wembley.  The Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme equips students and staff with the tools needed to raise awareness of bullying behaviour and supports schools and young people to tackle it. 

The children were taught what it means to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador.  They explored what bullying behaviour is and how to identify it, the importance of being an Upstander and how to intervene safely when supporting a peer who may be experiencing bullying behaviour.  After lots of engaging group activities, the children were given ideas and practical steps to launch a whole school anti-bullying campaign.  This will raise awareness of bullying behaviour, tackle bullying behaviour head on and transform our school’s approach to anti-bullying creating a safer, kinder school community. The children are looking forward to earning different badges for these campaigns.