Nursery Curriculum Update

In Nursery this term we have been busy with the topic 'On the beach'. We have been exploring the seaside and all sea life creatures. We have been reading the story 'Barry the Fish with Fingers' and 'The Rainbow Fish'.

We have learnt from Barry that we are unique, and everyone could be a superhero.  So, we used this opportunity to hold a superhero day. Our Nursery children, their parents and teachers took part in superhero themed day. Everyone looked amazing. We had a wide variety of characters and individual superhero's across the nursery.

Children enjoyed creating superhero masks or capes, completing the superhero obstacle course, knocking down walls and much more. The superhero play can support children's learning. It captures their imagination and allows them to freely explore the world around them and to make sense of the word through discussing another character or pretending to be a character as a superhero. There were so many smiles it truly was a magical day enjoyed by all. 

We also have learnt from the Rainbow fish that sharing is important. It helps us understand we are all friends, and we need to take turns sometimes to play nicely together. At the end we have been looking at 'The Drop' story. It was a big adventure through the water cycle.  

It has been a very exciting time of year for our Nursery children, as they are preparing for their transition into Reception. Our Reception teachers have started coming to the Nursery on a weekly basis to read a story with them, in order to familiarise them with new teachers. Children were taking part in transition day, where they visited their new classes and explored the new environment awaiting them ahead of the new school year in September.