World Book Day

William Byrd were incredibly excited to explore new books and celebrate our love for reading on World Book Day!

Dressed as our favourite characters, we spent the day sharing what it is that we love about reading and exploring new worlds as well as learning innovative ways to approach our reading. From Nursery to Year 6, children were introduced to texts that they had not read before and had the opportunity to showcase their creativity and imagination by completing a task based on their text. From 'Aaaarrgghh! Spider!' by Lydia Monks to 'Milo Imagines the World' by Matt de la Pena to 'Rescuing Titanic' by Flora Delargy, William Byrd were so enthusiastic about building giant webs, creating their own worlds and creating illustrations to explain non-fiction texts! We had the most enjoyable day!   We managed to raise £88.86.