William Byrd Primary Academy

Children’s Mental Health Week 2023

'Let's Connect'
Monday 6 February - Friday 10 February

In the Nest Room we have been celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week!

This week’s theme is let’s connect. Connections are about healthy relationships that are built with others. Feeling like you belong can promote positive self-worth and is excellent for wellbeing and self-esteem. Having people to connect to can help you with emotional support, and you can also help to support them too. During ELSA sessions the children have made a tree of all the people that they feel connected to. They also made a card with a special message to give to that special person.

On Wear your SCARF to school Day children were invited to wear a special or favourite scarf all day in school. We did some special activities to help us remember and celebrate SCARF’s important values of Safety, Caring Achievement, Resilience and Friendship.