Year 5 London Zoo Trip

In Year 5, we have been studying Emperor Penguins and the book 'Zoo' by Anthony Browne for writing this half-term. Initially, we learnt facts about Emperor Penguins understanding how they have adapted to live in such harsh climates.

Linked to this, we explored life cycles in Science and how they differ between insects, amphibians, birds, and mammals. Most recently, we have completed a narrative unit of work where a family head out on a day trip to a zoo. They encountered many different animals throughout the day with many animals in cages. The story is written in first-person based on one of the two mischievous brothers but towards the end of the story, mum has had enough of her family's behaviour.

This week, we were lucky enough to visit the zoo and went to London Zoo in what was quite lovely weather. We had a workshop learning about endangered animals and we got to see our favourite animals too.