Heathrow Young Explorers

Heathrow Young Explorers, Heathrow’s new challenge for Year 6 children, is a hands-on challenge linked to the curriculum established to inspire the next generation to consider a career at the airport. 

As Heathrow Explorers, children had to come up with a design idea for a transport solution that will make travel throughout the airport even more sustainable. The challenge provided an enjoyable way for children to explore roles at the airport while developing core skills: problem-solving, adaptability, teamwork, communication and creativity. 

There were two sessions that took place virtually, delivered by Heathrow volunteers in our Year 6 classrooms. 

Children were given various tasks and activity sheets throughout the session. Our young explorers were given a demonstration on how to make a 3D shape in PowerPoint and with these new IT skills, and with a 3D image catalogue provided by Heathrow, they were ready to create their own 3D sustainable transport system for within the airport. 

At the end of the session all children delivered a quick presentation on their transport design by answering 4 key questions: 

  • How was it powered? 
  • What materials will be it made of? 
  • What would it look like? 
  • What route will it take? 

Everyone did a fantastic job and really did impress the Heathrow team by coming up with some innovative and very creative designs.