Sports Superstars

This week we are delighted to announce our Sports Superstars 2020-2021. 

Congratulations to:

1 Monet Ilyas and Aliza 
1 Hepworth Ignor and Masie 
1 Kahlo Theon and Sukhnoor 
2 Seacole Ibrahim and Emily 
2 Anning Arham and Yukta 
3 Brunel Stephen and Nerile 
3 Lovelace Takuur and Livleen 
3 Newton Atif and Reef 
4 Tendulkar Teni and Maisy 
4 Simmonds Hanzallah and Amira 
4 Farah Jon and Mayssa 
5 Hawking Logan and Tia 
5 Jemison Sawain and Aya 
5 Curie Karam and Soraia 
6 Angelou Noah and Idil 
6 Shakespeare Wahidur and Amelia 
6 Morpurgo Isaac and Natalia