PSHE ‘Reintroduce and Reconnect’

We have been supporting children’s return to school through our well-planned ‘Reintroduce and Reconnect’ PSHE curriculum.  The activities we have taken part in are to help reignite our flame of learning through re-establishing friendships and connections with staff and others. Each day has begun with a carefully planned lesson based on the NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing: 

To show connectedness across school and across year groups we have created a number of displays. We have created a whole school paper chain with each child sharing something they learnt or were proud of during lockdown. We have also created a paper hand chain which shows connectedness between different year groups. On the paper hands we wrote what we missed about being apart and what we like most about being together again. Each class has made a hopes and dreams 3D display to show what the children would like to achieve now they are back in school. 

Here is a small selection of our displays across the school.