Year 6 Butlin's Trip 2019

Our Year 6 children started their journey to Butlin's on Monday 20th May.  Keep a track of what they are up to on a daily basis with our regular updates.

Monday 20 May

09:30 - Left school on time all excited about the week ahead!
11:51 - We are in Bognor Regis now.  Time for lunch before we head off to Butlin's.
12:24 - We have had lunch and we are now playing in the park.
13:13 - We have arrived!! 
14:04 - Having lots of fun at the fair.
18:13 - Relaxing after the funfair.
19:58 - We have had a fantastic evening.  We have completed a scavenger hunt around the site.  Now we are off for some hot chocolate and then bed.

Tuesday 21 May

08:26 - Good morning everyone! We are enjoying a yummy breakfast to get us started for the day.
09:00 - First stop, archery.
09:51 - Well done to our archery winners!
11:40 - In the Skyline discovering animals.  Getting close to the snakes!
12:00 - Lunchtime
13:48 - We are enjoying making and decorating our note books in a Arts and Crafts session. 
14:00 - We are about to start our dance workshop.
14:48 - Thoroughly enjoyed doing a fun dance routine to 'Gangnam Style'.
17:42 - We have had dinner and now we are enjoying a bowling session.
19:05 - We are now playing a game of sand cricket and rounders.  The sun is still shining and Mr Burns has been buried in the sand!

Wednesday 22 May

08:43 - Good morning!  It's day 3 we are having breakfast and then we are off for our first activity.
09:33 - We have started to learn some circus skills.  We are becoming expert jugglers and diabolists.
13:30 - The sun is shining, we are swimming and having an amazing time!
17:00 - We have had dinner and we are all set for our Go-Karting session.
19:38 - Having fun at the disco!!

Thursday 23 May

09:00 - Good morning! We have had breakfast and are ready for another action packed day.  We are spending the morning climbing, zip wire and high ropes.  
11:38 - It's a beautiful day and we are enjoying the beautiful beach before lunch.
13:41 - Enjoying a cheerleading session.
14:58 - Having a fun football match.
15:30 - We are back enjoying the beach.
20:00 - We had a lovely dinner and finished the day off by watching a film at the cinema.

Friday 24 May

11:04 - Good morning everyone! We have had breakfast and bought our souvenirs and now we are off to our drumming workshop.
13:30 - We have started making our way back to William Byrd Primary Academy and aim to be the school at 16:00.  See you all soon!