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  • E-Safety Week

    Published 04/02/19

    We have been very busy this week learning about the importance of E-Safety.

    The whole school have learnt about how to keep themselves safe on-line, by hav​​​​ing a specific E-Safety lesson every day.

    Our Year 6 and some of Year 5 children enjoyed an E-Safety and Tolerance workshop from ‘Just Enough’.  They learnt about E-Safety through engaging role play and how important it is to use your voice when it comes to keeping safe.

    During the week we also invited parent/carers into school to talk about E-Safety and how to keep children safe on-line.  Thank you to all the parents that attended.  If you were unable to attend please click on the link below for the E-safety presentation.

    We finished of the week with the Head and Deputy Boys and Girls delivering a fantastic E-Safety assembly to the whole school.  

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  • Heathrow Readers

    Published 24/01/19

    We have been lucky to have volunteers from Heathrow come into our school and listen to our children read once again this year.

    This is an enjoyable experience for both our readers and the members of Heathrow.  We would like to say a big thank you to Heathrow for their continuous support and dedication to our school.


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  • SATs Workshop

    Published 21/01/19

    We were pleased to hold two Year 6 SATs workshops for parents/carers on Monday 28th January.  It was great to see so many parents/carers in both sessions who enjoyed a cup of tea and tackled Year 6 SATs questions.  Our Year 6 children were amazing and helped our parents answer some tricky questions.

    We hope you all found the workshop useful and it gave you a good insight to what the SATs expectations are and the types of questions children will be asked.  

    We understand this is an important time for Year 6 children and their families so please do not hesitate to contact the Year 6 team if you need further SATs support or advice.


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  • NHS Health Assembly

    Published 15/01/19

    The whole school enjoyed an NHS assembly learning about how to keep healthy and where to go when they are not feeling well.  The children were given different scenarios and had to choose out of five different options which one they thought was most suited for the help they needed.

    To become a "Hillingdon Health Defender Champion" and get a certificate children's knowledge was put to the test.  All the children were given a fun quiz to complete at home with their families and return to school.

    Well done to everyone who bought their quizzes back in and received the Hillingdon Health Defender Champion certificate.

    There were many messages in the assembly but the key ones were:

    • Cold weather can be seriously bad for your health. That's why it's important to look after yourself, especially during the winter. If you start to feel unwell, even if it's a cough or a cold tell your mum and dad and if things don’t improve you can go to the pharmacist or your local GP.  If it’s very serious go to the hospital.
    • Flu is very infectious and spread by germs from coughs and sneezes, which can live on hands and surfaces for 24 hours.
    • To reduce the risk of spreading flu, use tissues to trap germs when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands often with warm water and soap, and bin used tissues as quickly as possible.

    Catch it... Bin it... Kill it...


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  • Year 4 Habitat Science Project

    Published 11/01/19

    Year 4 children were challenged to build a habitat in a box which showed two food chains.

    They were able to use any materials they liked for the habitat and the animals, but they then had to explain the food chains they had put in the box.

    As you can see from the the wide range of boxes in the photographs the children really engaged in the task finding animal pictures as well as models to put in a wide range of habitats from marine environments to grassland savannahs. The children chose to construct bushes trees and many other models from card as well as using readily available natural materials for the ocean floor or the grasslands.

    As a final task many children explained to the class the food chains they had included in their habitat.

    Our children had a great time building their boxes and these have now been displayed with pride in their classroom for everyone to admire.


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  • End of Year Celebration Assembly

    Published 21/12/18

    2018 has been an amazing year for William Byrd and we had lots to celebrate in our End of Year Celebration Assembly.  The biggest achievement this year has been to be recognised officially as the second best primary school in Hillingdon.  We are incredibly proud of our children and staff who are always striving to do their best and a special thanks to our parents/carers for always supporting us.  

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  • Class Parties

    Published 20/12/18

    It was party time at William Byrd on Thursday 21st December. Children changed into their party clothes in the afternoon and had fun playing games and eating their party food.  Staff and children had a fantastic time.


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  • Christmas Lunch

    Published 19/12/18

    The Christmas songs were on and the crackers were out!  Children and teachers enjoyed a very festive Christmas lunch on Wednesday 19th December. A big thank you to all staff at Accent Catering who put together a delicious Christmas meal and to all the SMSA's for their hard work. 


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  • Design Technology Day

    Published 18/12/18

    It was Design Technology Day on Tuesday 18th December and the whole school was busy planning, executing and then evaluating their Design Technology masterpieces.  Year 4 had the opportunity to go to our partner school Barnhill Community High and bake cookies.  The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the children did an amazing job showing off their creative and artistic skills.


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  • Christmas Jumper Day

    Published 14/12/18

    On Friday 14th December, William Byrd staff and pupils wore Christmas jumpers in aid of Save the Children and were encouraged to donate £1. Everyone looked fantastic in their festive woollies and we managed to raise lots of money for the charity.  Thank you to everyone who participated and for your donations.


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  • Nursery Christmas Activity Day

    Published 14/12/18

    We were delighted to see so many of our nursery parents/carers on Friday 14th December who were able to join us for our Nursery Christmas Activity Day.  The children amazed us with their singing and performed some sweet Christmas jingles.  This was then followed by some arts and crafts which many of you thoroughly enjoyed participating in with your child. 

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  • Christmas Performances

    Published 13/12/18

    Well done to all our talented children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (and the adults behind the scenes) for their incredible Christmas performances this festive season.

    Reception - Christmas Production 'The Toy Shop' 

    The show was an absolute cracker on both Wednesday 12th December and Thursday 14th December.   All of the children sang and acted brilliantly in their Christmassy costumes.   It was a feast of entertainment for all of those who attended and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

    Year 1 and 2 - Christmas Sing-A-Long

    The Year 1 and 2 sing-a-long was very special.  The children were simply amazing and sang beautifully on all three days of their performances; Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th December.  Everyone was in true Christmas spirit by the end of each performance and we were all tapping our feet away with the Christmas jingles.

    Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and for your continuous support.  Merry Christmas to you all!



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