William Byrd Primary Academy

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

At William Byrd we work with the support of parents/carers to enhance childrens learning. Our aim is to provide parents/carers with useful information that covers the curriculum taught at William Byrd across the year. 

At the beginning of every term a Curriculum Overview is given to parents/carers, this covers topics that would be taught that term. Parents/carers can use this as a guide to support their child at home and help them feel more prepared during class learning.  Please click on the link below to see the Curriculum Overview for this term.

Summer Term 


Supporting Your Child's Learning 

Please click on the tabs below for useful links and information to help your child throughout their school academic year.  If you would like to get any additional information please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child's class teacher. 




At William Byrd we use the Power Maths progression in calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and how this works in line with the National Curriculum.  Please click here to view the Calculation Policy for Year 5.

We encourage pupils to practise their knowledge of times tables and the related division facts using the PIXL Times Tables App using their personalised login details. 

Weekly home learning is set on a Friday on MyMaths.

Useful Links:

Maths Zone - Interactive Maths resource arranged in different maths topics.

BBC Bitesize - KS2 practise learn and revise various maths questions through fun activities and games 

NRICH - Challenging maths questions and activities

Primary Leap - Year 5 Free numeracy printable worksheets

Reading is one of the most satisfying ways that parents can help children progress in their learning.  For your child to become a lifetime reader, they need to understand what they are reading, gain from the words and enjoy books. You can help so much by ensuring that reading is a quality experience.  The most important thing is to keep practising. 

The department for Children, Schools and Families have released this advice to parents:

  • Be positive. Praise your child for trying hard at their reading. It’s alright to make mistakes.
  • If you find a word that is difficult, sound it out.
  • It’s not just books your child can read. Comics, signs, and labels on food will all widen your child’s vocabulary.  
  • Read yourself. Set a good example by reading for pleasure and talking about the reading you do at work and home.

Most importantly enjoy reading with your child and you will be helping them acquire a skill for life.

Useful Links:

The School Reading List - Year 5 recommended reading list

Primary Leap - Year 5 reading comprehension practise worksheets

What parents can do to help with their child’s writing at home:        

  1. Practise your child’s spellings with them every night when they come home from school.
  2. Look at the writing homework they have been given for the weekend and supervise them whilst they complete it. Check that it has been completed to the best of their ability and offer support if they struggle or suggest they come and speak to their teacher if they need further support.
  3. Look at the school’s handwriting cursive script with your child. Get them to practise applying it when writing at home. 
  4. Discuss new and adventurous words with your child, even if they can’t spell them accurately, they are still encouraged to use them in their writing and can win challenges through this. 

Useful Links:

Primary Leap - Year 5 free writing worksheets