William Byrd Primary Academy

Year 3 PDF


  1. Downloadyear 3 module 10 6jan21pdf
  2. DownloadWednesday 6 Jan Extra maths activity 1pdf
  3. DownloadWednesday 6 Jan Extra maths activity 2pdf
  4. DownloadWednesday 6 Jan Maths group A independent workpdf
  5. DownloadWednesday 6 Jan Maths group B independent workpdf
  6. Download070121 English slides and activitiespdf
  7. Download070121 Group A Maths activity sheet Related-calculationspdf
  8. Download070121GroupBactivitysheetMake-equal-groupspdf
  9. Download070121GroupCactivitysheetMake-equal-groups-pdf
  10. Download070121 Day 2 related factspdf
  11. Download070121 green wordspdf
  12. Download070121 LINK to BLUE GROUP in TIMETABLEpdf
  13. Download070121 red wordspdf
  14. Download070121 speedy green wordspdf
  15. Download070121 story challenge wordspdf
  16. Download070121 story intropdf
  17. Download070121 The Class Trippdf
  18. Download070121 Hairy Fairy Pagespdf
  19. Download070121 Extra Maths Group Day 2pdf
  20. Download080121 link Day 3 page 1 ONLY 2nd activitypdf
  21. Download080121English send lapdf
  22. Download080121EnglishSlides and actvitiespdf
  23. Download080121GroupBactivitysheetAdd-equal-groupspdf
  24. Download080121GroupBmaths slides-Add-equal-groupspdf
  25. Download080121GroupCAdd-activitysheetequal-groupspdf
  26. Download080121 Link Day 3 page 1 ONLYpdf
  27. Download080121 Maths Gp A Independent Workpdf
  28. Download110121 All about India textpdf
  29. Download110121 Blue Group pagespdf
  30. Download110121 English slides and activitypdf
  31. Download110121 Extra Maths activitypdf
  32. Download110121 Maths group A activitypdf
  33. Download110121 Maths group B activitypdf
  34. Download12.1.21 extra maths activitypdf
  35. Download12.1.21 All about India textpdf
  36. Download12.1.21 Blue Group Pagespdf
  37. Download12.1.21 Tuesday English slides with word banks to support writingpdf
  38. Download12.1.21 Tuesday Maths activity Group B Multiplication-sentences-from-pictures-2019pdf
  39. Download12.1.21 Tuesday Group A Maths activity Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-1pdf
  40. Download13.1.21 All about India textpdf
  41. Download13.1.21 Extra Mathspdf
  42. Download13.1.21 our house pdfpdf
  43. Download13.1.21 english slides part 2pdf
  44. Download13.1.21 Group A maths activity Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2-2019pdf
  45. Download13.1.21 Group B maths activity Use-arrays-2019pdf
  46. Download14.1.21 Come to Oakhill Junior Schoolpdf
  47. Download14.1.21 Thursday English slides with extension activity To plan the climax of a narrativepdf
  48. Download14.1.21 Thursday Group A maths activity -Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-3pdf
  49. Download14.1.21 Thursday Group B maths activity Make-doubles-pdf
  50. Download14.1.21 extra maths activitypdf
  51. Download15.1.21 Friday English slides To write a climaxpdf
  52. Download15.1.21 Friday Group A Maths activity Scalingpdf
  53. Download15.1.21 Friday Group B maths activity The-2-times-table-pdf
  54. Download15.1.21 link extra maths activitypdf
  55. Download15.1.21 Link blue group activity pdfpdf
  56. Download18.1.21 Extra Maths mini testpdf
  57. Download18.1.21 Rounding activitypdf
  58. Download18.1.21 LINK Blue Group activity pdfpdf
  59. Download18.1.21 Monday End of unit check group Apdf
  60. Download18.1.21 Monday English activitypdf
  61. Download18.1.21 MondayGroup B End of unit checkpdf
  62. Download18.1.21 MondayMathsGroupAactivitypdf
  63. Download18.1.21 MondayMathsGroupBactivitypdf
  64. Download18.1.21 Reading text - Nanapdf
  65. Download19.1.21 Tuesday English activitypdf
  66. Download19.1.21 Tuesday Maths Group A activitypdf
  67. Download19.1.21 Tuesday Maths Group A extensionpdf
  68. Download19.1.21 Tuesday Maths Group B activitypdf
  69. Download19.1.21 Extra maths activitypdf
  70. Download19.1.21 LINK Blue Group activity pdfpdf