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Reception Home Learning Resources

  1. DownloadEYFS Reception Newsletter 18.05.20 week 7pdf
  2. DownloadEYFS Reception Newsletter 11.05.20 week 6pdf
  3. DownloadEYFS Reception Newsletter 04.05.20 week 5pdf
  4. Downloadwk2 EYFS Newsletterpdf
  5. Downloadwk3 Reception Newsletter 20.04.20pdf
  6. Downloadwk4 EYFS Reception Newsletter 27.04.20pdf
  7. Downloadwk3 newsletter attachment Jasper's Diarypdf
  8. Downloadwk 1 3D shapes to colourpdf
  9. Downloadwk 1 adding and subtraction 1pdf
  10. Downloadwk 1 captionspdf
  11. Downloadwk 1 matching numbers 2pdf
  12. Downloadwk 1 matching numberspdf
  13. Downloadwk 1 reading sentencespdf
  14. Downloadwk 1 writing wordspdf
  15. Downloadwk 2 adding and subtraction 2pdf
  16. Downloadwk 2 counting forward and backwardspdf
  17. Downloadwk 2 what will you find in my treasure chestpdf
  18. Downloadwk 2 pirate takeaway number sentencespdf
  19. Downloadwk 2 if I had lots of money I would buypdf
  20. Downloadwk2 Easter Basket Templatepdf
  21. Downloadwk3 Power of Readingpdf
  22. DownloadWk 3 Maths activitiespdf
  23. Downloadwk3 Literacy Monday Activitypdf
  24. Downloadwk3 Literacy Tuesday Activitypdf
  25. Downloadwk3 Literacy Wednesday Activitypdf
  26. Downloadwk3 Literacy Thursday Activitypdf
  27. Downloadwk 3 Literacy Friday Activitypdf
  28. Downloadwk3 Topic Monday Activitypdf
  29. Downloadwk3 Topic Tuesday Activitypdf
  30. Downloadwk3 Topic Wednesday Activitypdf
  31. Downloadwk3 Topic Thursday Activitypdf
  32. Downloadwk4 Friday- Flying alien- Science Experimentpdf
  33. Downloadwk4 Literacy Monday activity- Questions for the alienspdf
  34. Downloadwk4 Literacy Thursday aliens sayingpdf
  35. Downloadwk4 Literacy Tuesday Activity - Describing Pantspdf
  36. Downloadwk4 Literacy Wednesday Activitypdf
  37. Downloadwk4 Maths activity sheet- One More or One Less Thanpdf
  38. Downloadwk4 Wednesday- Stick puppet pictures to colourpdf
  39. Downloadwk5 Lit- Monday- What happened in the story (1)pdf
  40. Downloadwk5 Lit- Tuesday activity- Baby bear take to spacepdf
  41. Downloadwk5 Literacy- Friday Changes in weatherpdf
  42. Downloadwk5 Literacy- Thursday activty- Alien argumentpdf
  43. Downloadwk5 Literacy- Wednesday New storypdf
  44. Downloadwk5 Maths- space activitiespdf
  45. Downloadwk5 Topic Friday- Power of readingpdf
  46. Downloadwk5 Topic Monday- Hot seatingpdf
  47. Downloadwk5 Topic Wednesday- Recipe Moon doughpdf
  48. Downloadwk6 Friday Topic Activity- To make zoo animal finger puppetspdf
  49. Downloadwk6 Friday Topic Instructions- Instructions to make zoo animal finger puppetspdf
  50. Downloadwk6 Monday Literacy Activity- What happened in the storypdf
  51. Downloadwk6 Monday Maths Activity- How much is in my piggy bankpdf
  52. Downloadwk6 Power of reading activitypdf
  53. Downloadwk6 Thursday Literacy Activity- Which animals have fur or featherspdf
  54. Downloadwk6 Thursday Maths Activity- How much do the icecreams costpdf
  55. Downloadwk6 Tuesday Maths Activity- Money Questionspdf
  56. Downloadwk6 Tuesday Topic Activity- Name the baby animalspdf
  57. Downloadwk6 Wednesday Literacy Activity- If you had a shop what would you sellpdf
  58. Downloadwk6 Wednesday Topic Power of Readingpdf
  59. Downloadwk6 Friday Literacy Activity- Can you read the sentences activitypdf
  60. DownloadTuesday Literacy Activity- If you had a petpdf
  61. DownloadWednesday Maths Activity- Make the correct amountspdf
  62. DownloadFriday Maths Activity- Coin Detectivepdf
  63. Downloadwk7 Friday Literacy Activity- Make your own storypdf
  64. Downloadwk7 Monday Literacy Activity- What did Pepsi, Pedro and Pip do in the storypdf
  65. Downloadwk7 Power of Reading- Take 5_EYFS_Ruby's Worry by Tom Percivalpdf
  66. Downloadwk7 Quantities Activity Sheet_Using Quantities and Objects They Add Two Single-Digit Numberspdf
  67. Downloadwk7 Story Pepsi, Pedro and Pip's Big Adventurepdf
  68. Downloadwk7 Thursday Literacy Activity- Write Your Newspdf
  69. Downloadwk7 Tuesday Literacy Activity- Escaped Animal Worksheetpdf
  70. Downloadwk7 Wednesday Literacy Activity- Dear Zoo Keeper Letterpdf
  71. Downloadhalf term project Receptionpdf